WaveMachine Labs Drumagog Platinum VST RTAS v5.0.1-AiR

Posted by download in Software on 26-10-2010

WaveMachine Labs Drumagog Platinum VST RTAS v5.0.1-AiR

AiR group released updated version of Drumagog Platinum, popular virtual drum machine.

Description: Drumagog is a real-time audio plug-in that replaces the sound of your recorded

drums. Don?t like the sound of your snare? Insert Drumagog on the snare track and choose a new

sound; Drumagog automatically plays the new snare in place of the original. Open virtual

instruments inside Drumagog 5 for unlimited sounds. Plug-ins such as BFD2, Superior Drummer,

Kontakt, and more open directly in Drumagog for easy access to a virtually unlimited library of

samples. With adjustable room size, offset, delay and more, Drumagog 5?s reverb comes with a

custom IR library and the ability to read standard IR files.

Release name: WaveMachine.Labs.Drumagog.Platinum.VST.RTAS.v5.0.1-AiR
Size: 60.3 MB






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