Extreme English Basic

Posted by download in Software on 26-10-2010

Extreme English Basic ( 2010 )
supermemo.pl | 2010 | ISO | 385 MB

SuperMemo is a method of computer-aided learning based on research into long-term memory. It provides the learner with an optimum plan of repetition while studying. Repetition is crucial to knowledge retention as it prevents forgetting. By analysing the processes of retention and forgetting for each user individually, SuperMemo finds the optimum timing for reviewing the material.

Each item of information is set with a unique pattern of repetition. With SuperMemo, you waste no time on repeating material you remember well. The method aims at allowing the learners to reach their required level of knowledge retention with a minimum amount of repetition and time spent on revisions. By changing the required level of retention the learners can make the system plan their learning schedule more or less intensively. The system sets repetition in daily intervals and requires systematic use for optimum results. With regular learning and repeating for just 10 minutes a day, a student working with SuperMemo can learn over 500 new words per month with an average retention exceeding 95%.



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