Reallusion CrazyTalk PRO 6.21.1921.1 (x32) + Bonus Pack

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Reallusion CrazyTalk PRO 6.21.1921.1 (x32) + Bonus Pack | 726 Mb

CrazyTalk 6 Pro from a company Reallusion - improved version of the program is designed for artists, animators, but it is accessible to novice users to learn to "revitalize" in real time, static images using proprietary 3D photo morphing technology Facetrix append emotions, speech , sound, and in this version you can add a person and a lot of other.

Features of CrazyTalk 6:
- The newly enhanced facial fitting technology in CrazyTalk 6 enables more natural head
rotation animation and smooth facial performance for animals, comics, robots, anime,
machines, humans and beyond.
- Current users of CrazyTalk will be delighted to find their #1 feature request makes its
debut in CrazyTalk 6: enhanced support for multiple talking characters within a single
CrazyTalk project. Multi-actor animation is a breakthrough for storytelling inside
CrazyTalk and reduces time spent in post production.
- Customize digital actors with natural Vivid-Eye intelligent cosmetics redefining virtual
optics for eyelashes and eye makeup achieving the perfect actor style to fit any type of
media project.
- The newly added Stage brings it all together to coordinate and animate your
cast. Multiple characters' timeline tracks are arranged on the Stage to allow complete
camera control to shoot and direct who speaks and when in your CrazyTalk 6 projects.
- The CrazyTalk 6 interactive camera let you pan and zoom around your project for Ken
Burns style effects or make camera cuts between active talking characters.
- Sharing your movies with CrazyTalk 6 is easier, faster and more viral with direct upload
to YouTube and publishing to social networks, blogs and websites with instant widget
creation from any project.
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