Windows 7 OsX Ultimate Netbook Edition x86

Posted by download in Software on 27-10-2010

Windows 7 OsX Ultimate Netbook Edition x86 | 1.88 GB
Well, time for something different. I call this Windows 7 OsX Netbook Edition x86. I started this project because a family member has a netbook and of course I had to trash that crappy Windows 7 Starter Edition it came with.They say if something is worth doing, its worth overdoing. This is a good example, lol.
OK, so this is what we have here:
Windows 7 Ultimate x86 that has been optimized to run on a netbook with a cool GUI and far more functionality than Starter Edition.
I slipstreamed all critical and non-critical updated until 10/1/2010 and added the Intel Graphics and Synaptics Touch Pad drivers that most netbooks run.
And of course I added multiple OsX themes, icons, Xdock, sounds, cursors, branding and wallpapers.


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