360desktop v0.8.5 Build 2084

Posted by download in Software on 28-10-2010

360desktop - A unique utility that turns your Windows desktop into a panoramic, with a possible rotation of 360 degrees horizontally. The main interface of the program is a panel at the top right of the screen, which is made so that it does not cover the buttons and windows are not disclosed in the most unwanted time. Rotated in all directions, the desktop can be directly both from the main window, and with the mouse, moving it a pointer to the edge of the desktop.
* Pan my Applications - optional on / off mode in which the application window will move with the scrolling screen.
* Focus on Active Application and Pan to Active Application - when you select the desired application from the taskbar automatically takes you to the area with the location of the window. Very handy feature.
* Pan my Icons - analogous Item Pan my Applications, but instead of windows "sticky" icons.
* Side Panning Sensitivity - This option sets the sensitivity when using the mouse to scroll. A very useful option that would avoid the random scrolling

Releases released: 2010
OS: Windows XP / Vista
Language: Eng
File size: 6.13 MB


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