Posted by download in Software on 30-10-2010

Application details

Threads: Multithreaded Application Model. I downloaded many multithreaded applications from various sites. None of them was reliable as I wished. I read lots of stuff about race conditions, deadlocks, how can threads corrupt data or starve. I didn't find an entire application (source code) which will implement good protection and threads synchronization, database access. This is what I tried to accomplish in this application: a model which can be used to start any other multithread application. If you need badly to see some multithreaded code, Threads is for you. If you are in a hurry to deliver a multithread application, here you go; get Threads and I believe in shortest time you will come up with your problem solved. You have almost everything inside: critical sections, mutexes, events, sempahores, Combination of them, database queries (Interbase and DBISAM sample multithreaded code also provided). Click here to view image (jpg 105KB), or check the version History here (jpg 140KB). Or even better: take a look at my other applications, based entirely on this threading model. Take a look at eZ News Reader (jpg 138KB - since I'm not in the business of writing a news reader this project is dead. There are too many news readers out there already). Or the Printer Usage Monitor application. Same Threads engine is used in all 3 applications.

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