GT Invoice Maker

Posted by download in Software on 31-10-2010

Application details

The GT invoice Maker is the most advanced, simplest, easiEST and professional Invoice Creator in the market today! The complete software has been designed and programmed with the user in mind. With just few clicks you will be producing very professional looking invoice forms ready to be printed on paper. The new version 4 allows you to print on paper invoices, packing list, shipping labels and an inventory listing. The GT invoice Maker runs and work on a real database. So you will be able to browse old invoices when needed. You will be able to set with ease the invoices, packing lists, shipping labels and an inventory listing with your own Company’s logo, name and address. Even the invoices can be set up to use these three different Currency Symbols ($ the Dollar, € the Euro and £ the Pound). And you can translate the invoice to any language and change the word TAX to any other tax word valid in your country. Example VAT in Europe The GT Invoice Maker is a general purpose invoice creator software that can be applied to any selling or servicing industry small, medium or large. It comes with all the standard input fields plus many other important fields that you won’t find in any other program. For example: Bar Code field, Location field, In Stock field and many others (See the screen Capture to see the complete listing of fields). Go ahead make a test drive, download the GT Invoice Maker and use it free of charge for 15 days without limitations. This means that you will be allowed to use all section and functions. Even print the invoices, packing lists, shipping labels and your inventory listing on paper.




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