Posted by download in Software on 02-11-2010

Application details

ActivePresenter is an advanced presentation tool, designed especially for computer software simulations, with blazing fast, smart screen Capture technology; a powerful authoring environment and the ability to Create high-quality Ajax-based interactive simulations. Capturing is easy and quick * Automatically capture screens whenever you type or click, so you can create training materials and simulations easily only by operating on the target application * Blazing fast: You can’t even notice any differences in application performance while ActivePresenter is capturing * Automatically create appropriate actions to simulate your real operations * Automatically insert predefined balloon to Annotate each operation * Filter multiple keyboard strokes based on context * Full-screen capture mode * Define dimensions and position of capturing window Easy to use editor * Many types of annotations: Balloons, Text Captions, Images, Highlights, Hints, Audio * Apply visual effects for annotation objects * Secure your recorded projects with password * Insert unlimited design objects per slide * Unlimited Undo/Redo capabilities * Manage slides easily with slide thumbnails * Drag & Drop editing * Insert customizable balloons, highlights, hints or text captions * Adjust object color, translucency, z-index, and borders * Set individual timing and display duration of objects New features: * Auto recover corrupted projects. * Export video with audio and voice even in Free edition * Selectable format of object when generating AJAX content. * Digitally sign executable and dynamic link library files (DLL) * Adding Japanese and Vietnamese localization * Enable choosing arbitrary video ratio Between 10% and 150% Enhanced: * Layout of text in generated Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint and PDF * Slide thumbnail rendering * Pen, fill, Highlight, and text color icons in image editor




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