Document Tabs for Word

Posted by download in Software on 01-11-2010

Application details

Document Tabs for word Enable Tabbed Browsing and Editing in Microsoft Word 2010&2007&2003. This office add-in shows a tab bar in Word and creates a tab for every document opened in Word. With Document Tabs for word, you can handle multiple documents open in different windows easily. The tabs added by this Office add-in are configurable. Document Tabs for word allows users to easily show/hide these tabs in Microsoft Word, to customize the tabs' color, appearance and position. Document Tabs for word provides instant previewing for these customizations and configure changes in its Setting Center. Document Tabs for word allows the user to place the TAB bar on the above/below/left/right of workplace. Document Tabs for word enables numerous functions by mouse: (1) To build new documents: double click left mouse button on the blank area of tab bar; (2) To close tabs, clicking Middle mouse button or double click left mouse button on tabs; (3) To open pop-up menu: clicking right mouse button on tabs or on the blank area of tab bar; (4) Select one tab with mouse and drag it one to another Tab position. 11 tab styles for customization; You can MOVE tab bar to the head/foot/right/left of workplace; Easily define any color as tab bar's colors; Numerous mouse functions; Disable/enable Word Document Tabs in Microsoft Word; Mark modified documents in the Word document tabs; Rename opened Word documents without close them; Open the folder that selected Word document belongs to; Open selected Word document in new Windows; Plenty of shortcuts, such as "Win + Q" for hiding/displaying the Tabs bar, "Ctrl + Tab" for quickly switching Between document tabs. And these shortcuts can be adjusted as your command.




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