Posted by download in Software on 01-11-2010

Application details

EMac (The Evans Macro Interpreter) launches and automatically controls programs on demand. EMac's built-in IDE (Integrated Development Environment), key recorder and intuitive Wizards make macro creation simple; Ideal for non-programmers! Features Top -Add new abilities to your existing applications -Launch and / or automatically control on demand: Windows programs Shortcuts DOS programs Invisible windows and programs -Automate the printing of TXT, DOC and other files -Send keys to programs as is they were being typed right from the keyboard -Close windows and terminate applications -Shutdown, power off, restart or Logoff Windows -IDE (Integrated Development Environment) with macro editor, intuitive wizards and key decoder allows you to do everything from one place -Run macros interactively, from icons or from other programs -Automatically add macros to your Start Menu -Options to run in normal mode, from the system tray or invisibly in the background -Compatible with all 32 bit Windows operating systems -Free support and upgrades to registered users




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