invision power board 2.3.6

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nvision Power Board 2.3.6 Release 03.10.2008 Invision Power Board abbreviated IPB or IP.Board or IP.Board is Internet forum software produced by Invision Power Services Inc. Written in PHP and primarily using MySQL other database engines are available it is comparable to other forum software. While Invision Power Board is a commercially sold product there is a large modding community and many of these modifications are free. In addition many groups offer the download or design of free and paid skins. Version 2.3 Version 2.3 has recently been released and is the latest version of IP.Board. Starting from this version the product will ship with 2 skins the old default light blue skin and a new default darker skin. The release is mainly to assist in forums that have larger traffic and include advanced integration with other IPS product lines. IPS also implemented a new ACP Help System which made it easier to navigate around the Administrators Control Panel along with an ACP Dashboard page showing an overview of the system. This page replaced the Admin tab as the default page in the Admin Panel.

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