Bopup Messenger

Posted by download in Software on 03-11-2010

Application details

Bopup Messenger is a secure instant messenger designed to communicate over LAN and enterprise-size networks. This clear, easy to use and light-weight IM client offers a set of corporate features and Answers most of the business needs you may have. With this messenger, you can easily Connect users from all other offices and Locations to one IM workspace and exchange urgent and extended messages with links, font and color formatting and Emoticons. Organize your personal contact list that is accessible to you from any workplace and see who is online and available to communicate among your contacts. Messaging is encrypted with strong algorithms so that personal and group conversations are safe and secure even if you send messages via the Internet. You will never lose any information you exchange because offline messages are stored and automatically delivered by the server when the recipient goes online. No user experience and skills are needed to use the program. The smart and comfortable user interface with advanced usability options and popup notifications allows you to join the IM network in a few mouse clicks. The messenger completely supports the Terminal Server/Citrix environment and can be used simultaneously by multiple users on one computer. Bopup Messenger can automatically download and install updates from the IM server. The centralized client/server architecture offers complete and flexible management for controlling your IM infrastructure. The central server logs all user activity and archives all messages with the reporting, search and printing options. What's new: Fixed receiving new version updates and branding logo from communication server. Added option to reply to the group, not to the sender on receiving group messages (chat functionality). Incoming group messages that have been sent by us are marked as read by Default. A lot of improvements.




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