DVDforger 0.6.1 Alpha

Posted by download in Software on 04-11-2010

Application details

A DVD authoring application which creates DVDs from almost any kind of video files (if the necessary codecs are installed). Supports multiple titles with multiple audio tracks, subtitles and a Simple menu. It is basically a GUI for a set of free tools including AviSynth, HC Encoder, Aften and dvdauthor. DVDforger.0.6.2.alpha.exe - a convenient installer; DVDforger.0.6.2.alpha.zip - if you prefer to just unzip & run; includes the source code as well. Note: 'alpha' means that this is a very early release and it's presumably still full of bugs - it might occasionally crash or do weird things sometimes. However, if you find it promising, please give me feedback so I can Improve the parts you don't like and fix the things that don't work. For DVDforger, you have to have AviSynth, a video FrameServer, installed on your computer; if you don't, DVDforger will automatically install AviSynth when it's first started (of course it asks for permission).




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