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What is TextQuickSave? TextQuickSave is a powerful yet easy-to-use tool help you collect, save, organize and edit text when doing web surfing. It can also be used as a note tool on desktop. Why do I need TextQuickSave? Do you often need to save web text or take notes when doing web surfing? Normally, you have to copy the text, minimize the Web Browser, new or open a text file, paste text and close the text file. Probably, you would like to rename the text file for future reference, that's even more boring. Each time you save a piece of text, you have to repeat that series of actions. Do you tired with that? Why not try TextQuickSave? TextQuickSave is designed to minimize the actions you need when saving web text. With TextQuickSave, all you have to do is select text and drag to a flowing window. It will save a lot of your time. What can I do with TextQuickSave? Save text with select and drag. Easily and fully control of saving path and file name. Conveniently switching Between paths which allow you save text to different path. An embedded editor help you view and edit text. A Powerful format tool help you remove blank lines and recompose paragraphs. Many other powerful functions waiting for you!




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