ANNI Standard

Posted by download in Software on 04-11-2010

Application details

ANNI is an Advanced Neural Network Investing (A.N.N.I.) program that allows you to analyze almost any type of financial data including stocks, indexes, mutual funds, futures, forex and options to help you determine the best times to enter and Exit the market as well as manage most of your Portfolio Management needs. It does this by combining fundamental analysis, technical analysis and advanced proprietary artificial intelligence technologies all into one program that is easy and friendly to use. ANNI is capable of working on daily, intraday and real time data in a multitude of ways. ANNI also features charting tools, research tools, full Portfolio Management capabilities with reporting, monitoring and alert capabilities including automated searching for potential opportunities to invest in. ANNI Standard is free to PAID Neural Science Prophet.Net subscribers. Simply sign up for Prophet.Net services through ANNI before your Trial period has ended and have unlimited use of ANNI Standard version as long as ANNI can sign into your Prophet.Net account when starting. You will still be able to try out the professional version during your 15-day trial period by selecting it in the splash screen. Once the trial period has ended, ANNI will no longer show the splash screen and automatically Default to the Standard Version. Any Professional files created during the trial period cannot be ran in the Standard version. If you have any questions regarding the free Standard version, please eMail Sales for further assistance.




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