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Application details

Running under Windows 95 or later, AutoShare is investment software for worldwide stock markets. Key Features * Downloads and stores historical share price data from worldwide stock markets, including the UK (FTSE 100, 250, AIM, and All Share), US (NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX, Dow Jones DJIA), Europe (Paris CAC, Madrid IBEX, Frankfurt DAX, Milan MIB), and Asia (India, China, Indonesia). * Enables you to perform backtests, or simulations of trading shares in the past, to see how particular strategies would have fared historically. (For example, you will discover that the optimal setting for trading the Dow Jones over the last 107 years would have produced profits of more than 5E9% (50,000,000,000,000%), an annual average return of 18% with full re-investment of profits. Buying and holding would have returned a profit of just 27,500% or a 5.3% annual average.) * Displays share price graphs which you can print, save as files, or copy to the clipboard. * Allows exporting of share price data to csv (comma separated values) files, compatible with Spreadsheet applications and other technical analysis software. * Can import files obtained from the eoddata web site, for which membership and daily downloads are free. * Quickly lists shares that satisfy your Data Mining criteria. * Isolates or excludes penny shares, according to your specified price Threshold. * Shows delisted shares and new issues. * Maintains share portfolios. * Updates share prices daily at the click of a button. * Clearly written program help explains all concepts with the novice in mind, but with plenty of detail for the more experienced analyst and investor.




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