Web Link Validator 5.5 bui

Posted by download in Software on 04-11-2010

Application details

Web Link Validator is a powerful, comprehensive site management and link checker tool that helps webmasters automate the process of web site testing. The software performs a thorough analysis of Web site pages and includes the following checks: finds Broken links (including those using JavaScript and Flash), orphaned files, HTML coding and spelling errors, slow-loading, outdated and small-sized pages. The program can access HTTPS resources and password-protected pages. It will operate via a proxy server, if required. Reports on checked pages are presented in a clear, easy-to-read HTML format. The powerful system of filters allows in-depth research of any problems that are revealed. Other Web Link Validator features include the ability to check a copy of a Web site saved on a local hard drive, individual settings for each site, automatic e-mailing of the site reports, an alternative Internet Explorer-based verification engine and a customizable program interface. Features: Ability to check over 100,000 links to files, HTTP, HTTPS and FTP resources Support for JavaScript and Macromedia Flash (.SWF files) hyperlinks Alternative Internet Explorer-based verification engine Finding spelling errors with the built-in spell checker Ability to Create page rules to confirm the presence or absence of specific display text, scripting, forms About 20 filters for the list of links, including slow-loading, small, new and old pages Individual settings for each site to be checked (about 20 customizable profile sections) Ability to check password protected pages, including those with web-based authentication NEW: Added ability to create reports in the Microsoft Excel format (.XLS) (Action -> Report -> Format) Verification engine improvements Improved parsing of RTSP links Updated interface languages: French, German, Italian, Spanish Improved HTML parsing Some bugs fixed




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