CorelDRAW Premium Graphic

Posted by download in Software on 04-11-2010

Application details

Save $50 on CorelDRAW Premium X5.$699.00 now $649.00Click Here CorelDRAW Premium Suite X5 is here to expand your design and communication possibilities! In addition to the new and enhanced illustration, page layout, photo editing and tracing of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5, this premium design collection includes interactive flash animation, website and video creation—giving you hundreds of dollars in savings, compared to buying the applications separately. With the new audio/visual components, you can engage eyes and ears with greater impact than ever before! Features: * Connect to your content * Design and Illustrate with confidence * Color with precision * reate websites, web graphics and web animations * Edit and Create videos for web and disc * Zip, back up and protect your files What's New 1. New! Built-in content finder 2. New! Completely re-designed Color Management engine 3. New & Enhanced! Website creation & web graphics tools 4. New! High-speed video editing for web and disc 5. New! Powerful flash animation software 6. New & Enhanced! Drawing, tracing and artistic tools 7. New! Secure file compression software 8. Enhanced! Extensive file compatibility 9. New & Enhanced! Expert insights and engaging learning materials 10. New & Enhanced! High-value digital content

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