Easy Web Extract

Posted by download in Software on 09-11-2010

Application details

Easy Web Extract offers single click web data extraction, web Data Mining and point & click screen scraping. No programming required. Extract web data into your database (Access, MySQL, MSSQL, ODBC), various file types (text, Spreadsheet, HTML) or any other websites (HTTP Post) in just minutes. A powerful solution for web data extract to automatically extract desired content (text, url, image, html) from web pages. Easy Web Extract is a tool for automatically copy web data from thousands of web pages in internet without sickly manual copy & paste. It scrapes structured data listed in web pages basing on a specified pattern and save to user local storage device for both offline and online purposes. Easy Web Extract crawls all urls which are satisfied the given crawl rules in order to ignore unexpected data and optimize Network Bandwidth Finally, it can export extracted data to database (Access, MySQL, MSSQL), files (text, spreadsheet) or supply content for other websites.




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