Excel serial data writer 3

Posted by download in Software on 09-11-2010

Application details

Data export module "Direct Excel Connection" for Accurate Printer Monitor is used for data transmit of received by Accurate Printer Monitor and picked out from byte flow by parser to programs Microsoft Excel, without use of additional means and technologies (DDE,ODBC and others), using the method of Direct Access to Microsoft Excel. This module has the following peculiarities: * Data can be written to Microsoft Excel at strings and columns, beginning from any string and column; * You can specify to fill only necessary for You table cell numbers; At filling module can use several algorithms, which will let you: MOVE outdate data (on FIFO method) and fill vacated place by new data, clean column or string with data at exceeding the set cell number and start filling from the beginning; * Can be done simultaneous transmit of several variables, defined at configuration stage. Moreover, for every variable can be set it's own export parameters; * At start module can: use prepared beforehand workbook pattern, Connect to already run Microsoft Excel application and use earlier opened book, and combine above listed variants; * At date and real numbers transmit, the user can set his own data presentation formats; * All connection settings are saved at Accurate Printer Monitor closing and are restored automatically at the next program run. Thanks to these possibilities You can: * Watch in real time, data changing, received over Accurate Printer Monitor, both in tables,and Diagrams, using all the recognized Microsoft Excel power; * Receive reports already prepared for printing, export over Internet or sending e-mail; * Data receive statistic analysis is made the most quick and effective.




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