NXPowerLite Desktop Editio

Posted by download in Software on 09-11-2010

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Files are often much larger than they need to be. File optimisation makes them smaller. NXPowerLite fixes file bloat – reducing PowerPoint, Word, Excel and JPEG files by up to 95%* It works by eliminating any excess baggage and converting graphics to the most efficient file format and resolution. You're left with a file that looks and feels identical to the original, but is much smaller. Optimised files remain in their original format, retaining all their attributes and visual content integrity . They don't need to be unzipped and there's no need for special viewing software - so they can be opened and edited by anybody. NXPowerLite Desktop Edition can optimise your current file from within Office (PowerPoint, Word or Excel) or integrate with your email client to automatically optimise attachments as they are sent making the sharing of large files FASTER and easier. Download our fully functional free Trial now.




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