XWICKED Electronic Library

Posted by download in Software on 11-11-2010

Application details

XWICKED Electronic LIbrary is designed for creating, editing and reading electronic books and electronic manuals. It is suitable for use as teachers in all educational institutions to Create the materials needed in the educational Process, as well as all other employees in all areas of activity where there is a need to work with a large number of documents with a simple content, as well as all documents are stored centrally in the database data, which increases the reliability of the preservation of these documents. Database SQLite3. This allows you to have a database file on any server (Windows, GNU / Linux, etc.), without having to install a database server. Other users can create the same simple abstracts and Similar documents. The program has the following functions: - Creation of a textbook; - Editing of the textbook; - Reading the textbook; - Adding / removing books from the database; - Rich editing the text of the textbook(UPDATE!); - Search the text of the book; - Export / import of textbooks to and from the file(s): XWB, HTML, TXT(utf-8); - Print book; - Inserting image; - Working with table(NEW!); - Protection of books with a password; - Password protection mode editing; - There is a module testing(UPDATE!); - Adding more information; - Statistics of work(NEW!). The changes: - Added the ability to create and edit tables; - Fixed a bug that prevents to save additional information for editing; - Added a user name; - Added time recording of the user with a book; - Add hot keys; - Module "LabFreeTech Test" has changed its name to "Shelk Test" and upgraded to version 0.4.1; - Remove the menu item "Edit->Advanced"; - Add item "Tools" menu, which now are present: "Statistics", "Advanced", "Test"; - Changed context menu fields for editing the book; - There are a few small fixes.




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