Posted by download in Software on 11-11-2010

Application details

iCal4OL is a program for SMART importing with sync, exporting and subscribing (as Remote Calendars) ICAL files (*.ics) and feeds in Outlook. Perfect 2-Way Synchronization with Google Calendar, DAViCAL, Darwin Calendar Server, eGroupWare, Chandler Cosmo, Zimbra and WebCalendar 1.05 is integrated! Contact Sync with Gmail, Zimbra & eGroupware, and Contact Import/Export as VCARD & LDIF is integrated, too. Various options cover the needs of exchanging and synchronizing Events and Tasks in the iCalendar format with different applications & installations, eg. iCAL (Apple / mac.com), Sunbird, KOrganizer, Lotus Notes or Websolutions such as Webcalendar, Google Calendar, DAViCal, eGroupware, iPhpCalendar, Cosmo, Horde, Zimbra and Darwin Calendar Server.




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