French Categories

Posted by download in Software on 11-11-2010

Application details

The French Categories software lets you go beyond the basics of the French language and on to the path to fluency. The software provides a structured way to build vocabulary, grammar and listening comprehension. Designed for beginners and intermediate level students, use it to gradually go from learning single words to understanding spoken sentences. The key to language learning is familiarity and Interest, and we help you achieve this through visual, verbal and audio variety. You can learn without knowing it by listening to French on your MP3 Player as you commute, or study with Precision using the included Flash Card system. Some of the features available: Over 1850 words, 4500 phrases and 1000 spoken sentences with English translations. Develop listening skills with word-by-word spoken sentences. Create your own MP3 files with native French and English audio. Learn using Flash Cards with words, audio and images. Chart the progress of your learning. Upload flash cards or MP3s to your cell phone and learn anywhere. Built for French language teachers and students.




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