Posted by download in Software on 13-11-2010

Application details

A tool can generate Product Catalog in HTML, Movie & PDF. CatStudio provides a features-rich environment to Create Product Catalog in HTML, Movie or PDF format. Besides the product information, It allows to add different types of content, includes: Flash animation, images, text, and others. The Web Catalog generated can be burnt into CD directly as a AutoRun HTML CD. The movie catalog output can be converted to VCD format easily. The PDF catalog is a portable output which can be distributed freely. Features 1. Self-defined Unlimied Product Attribute - support Integer, Floating-Point Number, Text, Date and True/False 2. Different Layouts for Product Catalog - Page, Table, Grid and Album Layout 3. Skin master allows to plug different skin into Catalog. - with 10 builtin skin 4. Support different types of content: - Attachment, Catalog, HTML Page, Image/Flash Animation, Text, Table of Contents and Section Page. 5. Automatic watermark stamping on product photos. 6. Web Output - support different screen size - complete navigation control - with auto-run features, which can be burnt as a Auto-Run CD 7. Movie Output - support AVI, QuickTime Movie and Animated Gif - output can be pluged into webpage or burnt as a VCD 8. PDF Output - printout and distribute with no distortion - allows portrait or landscape orientation




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