Aura FLV Player

Posted by download in Software on 12-11-2010

Application details

Aura FLV Player is a standalone application that can play videos and all FLV videos. The FLV player can play FLV videos from URLs. It can convert all kinds of videos to FLV format and Create online videos with playlist for publishing and sharing your videos. With Aura FLV Player, users can view FLV movies downloaded from , Google Video, MySpace, Metacafe, Nico video and many other online video websites on any Windows PC without buffering. Thus, people can avoid this annoying problem caused by the network or speed limitation. A simple drag-and-drop action can let FLV video play immediately, and users can associate FLV format with this free FLV player then a normal double-click will let you enjoy FLV at once. No other FLV Encoder or flash development environment is needed. Key Features Aura FLV Player is an stand alone FLASH VIDEO PLAYER with a lot of customizable features. It can play FLV movies on your PC, stream online videos, and help you embed your playlist of FLV videos to web pages. Play Play downloaded videos and any FLV videos. Stream and play online videos on your desktop. Convert MOV, WMV, AVI, MPG, VOB and dozens of video formats to FLV format. Convert fast and convert with high quality. Export your playlist for embedding online. Publish FLV videos to your web site. Customize player skin and play mode. Customize look and feel of your playlist for publishing. The Aura FLV Player allows users to control FLV playing action in various ways. Start/stop/pause at any time when watch flash movies; drag the time line bar to play from a specific time; adjust the volume as they like. All these features can be found easily from its user interface. Moreover, this free application supports playing flash video FLV files under the original size, or double size, or full screen, very flexible.

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