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Application details

IntelliComplete is an intelligent text productivity software aimed at boosting your typing speed. It helps you type a lot FASTER by predicting what you want to type based on the prefix you've already typed and prompting you with the best matching guesses. You can have IntelliComplete AutoComplete the rest of the word/phrase for you with a single keystroke. What is more, you can type predefined shorthands / abbreviations and have IntelliComplete automatcially expand it into the full text version for you. IntelliComplete works with any program running on Microsoft Windows, such as Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, OpenOffice, Microsoft Visual Studio, etc. IntelliComplete is the best medical transcription software specially designed for medical transcriptionists. It can maximize the speed and productivity of medical transcription by expanding medical abbreviations automatically. It is also the ideal utility for programmers, translators, writers, professional document authors who deal with a lot of frequently used words and phrases. Ver 3.5 * Support for Windows Vista and Windows 7 * Multi-user support * Manual activation mode to get IntelliComplete to help you only on-demand. * Added support for multiple user library. * Removed the shell enhancement toolbar and simplified configuration options.




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