Posted by download in Software on 19-11-2010

Application details

Often there is a need to monitor the response of important servers and computers in a network that can quickly respond to potential problems in the Equipment and eliminate them in the shortest possible time. Utility RedEyes makes it very easy to solve this problem. Program RedEyes designed to monitor performance and availability of hosts connected to the LAN or Internet (workstations, servers, routers, etc.) with an IP address, as well as services running on these devices that work with TCP and alert administrators in case of failure of these devices or services. Efficiency of the device is verified using the protocols TCP, UDP, HTTP and ICMP. Efficiency of services performed by the implementation of the connection Attempt to TCP port on which to run services (eg web-server, Mail Server, proxy - a server, etc.). RedEyes will be useful primarily for the technical support staff who have a tendency to ignore the incidence of critical hosts/services in the network, as well as for network/system administrators.




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