PopChar X

Posted by download in Software on 19-11-2010

Application details

PopChar is a utility application that lets you insert special characters, accented letters, umlauts, etc. from all installed fonts into your documents. You never need to search for and remember keystrokes any longer. Just pop up the PopChar window, click the desired character, and the character appears in your current document.If a font contains Unicode characters, you can see all of them, neatly arranged in the standard Unicode categories. Main features: -Inserts special characters right into your document - no font Cheat Sheet, no copy & paste, no need to remember keyboard combinations -Simple to use: Just click to insert characters -Full Unicode support with different comfortable views and pop-up menu for quick navigation among groups of characters -Search for characters by name, by Unicode number or by simply pasting some text from your document into the search field. -Magnifier tool provides an enlarged view to see all Details of characters including their position relative to the baseline. -Work across font boundaries and see all available characters system-wide -Recent characters view for Instant Access to your frequently used characters -Flexible user interface to satisfy the individual needs of different users -Displays the keystrokes for characters that have keyboard equivalents -Automatically detects the current font in many popular applications (including Word, Excel, Illustrator, -QuarkXPress, InDesign, FileMaker and BBEdit). -Optimized font menu that contains only the most recently used fonts, giving quick access to the required font, even with hundreds of fonts installed -Various insertion modes: Insert characters as plain or formatted text -Inserts HTML symbols -Context menu allows you to copy the selected character to the clipboard in various formats (including -Unicode number and HTML code). -Automatically starts at login




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