Sound Vibe

Posted by download in Software on 19-11-2010

Application details

Sound Vibe is freeware Audio Player for PC. Some of the basic features include supporting a huge variety of different audio formats, full unicode support, multiple hierarchical playlists, Media Library with advanced Directory Monitor, ability to download album covers from the internet, etc.. Sound Vibe is freeware – You don’t have to pay anything for it. Just download and try for yourself. Automatic updating is implemented, so You don’t have to worry about newest player versions. If You can, please donate for the project. Thanks four using Sound Vibe. Sound Vibe is developed by Linas Naginionis. All title and intellectual property rights to the “Sound Vibe” are owned by its author, Linas Naginionis. Main features: * Full unicode support * Support for a huge amount of audio formats * Windows 7 unique features (taskbar progress bar, thumbnail preview buttons, etc.) * Hierarchical playlists and media library with custom grouping support * Media library directory monitor tracks any changes made to your folders and updates library * Custom actions after end of queue or on timer (shutdown, sleep, etc..) * Gapless Playback * Skins * Ability to download album cover from the internet * Artist bio information retrieval through, track lyrics through lyrdb * Advanced Tag Editor * 32 bit audio playback * Drag & Drop implemented throughout all the application * Audio Converter/ripper plugin * Smart playlist filter to quickly find track You need (searching through all the playlists also available) * Http streaming * and many more




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