Data Management Center

Posted by download in Software on 19-11-2010

Application details

Convert - Migrate - Clone - Transfer - Visualize your data ... from any source to any destination DBMS to work on data (Isam & SQL) across most popular databases Complete viewing - cloning and migration tool ensuring data reliability and integrity DMC works at Table or DataBase or even Folder Level (Multiple Tables Tasks) Powerful Multi Format Viewer Knowledge of SQL syntax is NOT required Runtime engine to distribute to your clients to perform Projects directly from your applications DataBase Backup : a complete set of sql scripts created zipped and uploaded through FTP Work localy or on distant servers in all CHARSETS (user selection) GOLD Version released 28th. June 2010 Table & Sql DB level STRUCTURE Comparison tasks Compare a Tps-Dat Table to another Tps-dat Table (superfiles and encrypted ones are allowed) Compare a Tps-Dat Table (superfiles and encrypted ones are allowed) to a single or MULTIPLE SQL Tables Compare an SQL table to a single or MULTIPLE SQL table(s) - INTER SCHEMA comparisons is possible Compare an complete SQL DataBase to another SQL DataBase (Tables are "linked" by NAME) All DATE & time selections have a VISUAL tip field to allow you to SEE the FORMATED data SQL environment (Ctrl+Q) & Compare Structures (Ctrl+C) MENU & Navigation Panel with Keyboard Shortcuts for more user friendly IDE dssg_versions_add_on Global setting to allow during a CLONE to SQL Task to lowercase all NAMES dssg_versions_add_on Global (and popup message) option to allow you to define if an TXD/DCTX Export will be generated in lowercased NAMES dssg_versions_change During a CLONE DB & Folder task all KEYS are dynamically renamed (if needed) to avoid DUPLICATES ok Workaround a BUG found in Clarion ODBC Driver on reserved words used in KEY NAMES - "PRIMARY" would be read as "KEY_PRIMARY" ok All




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