Bucharchiv v2

Posted by download in Software on 20-11-2010

Application details

Manage your private book collection and ebcomfortable on your computer. Bucharchiv is one of the productions of GBelectronics. Select the desired book from different Internet databases (English, German, French) – high resolution cover picture inclusive – simply by entering title, author, publisher or by scanning the Barcode EAN / ISBN. Electronics books as PDF-files, so-called eBooks, can be managed too. The most important features are: full text search, grouped list-view, assignment of filters, categories, print, online-reviews, quotations, backup, lend/borrow and designable screen. Bucharchiv is offered in different Editions. Choose one Edition which is most suitable to your needs for an optimal working, e.g. manage a private book collection at one computer with the Standard-Edition, access to one (password-protected) database from three computers or the professional usage in a public library (Enterprise-Edition). With Bucharchiv you can manage your private book collection or library easy and comfortable on your computer. You need only a few seconds to find a book in the extensive Internet databases. Enter title, author, publisher or EAN / ISBN-number by your barcode scanner and you get the results inclusive high resolution cover pictures. It's also possible to add a custom existing file of the cover picture. For that, Bucharchiv is an excellent tool to inquire for book-titles. Functions: Basic management of book Simple menegement of lent and borrowed books Access to online-databases Access to online-databases of international books eBook-management including direct reading and printing. Import and Create eBook Local database License for one(1) computers




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