Magic PDF Compressor

Posted by download in Software on 21-11-2010

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PDF document are compressed internally, but the author might used old technology or have generated it by inefficient PDF creating software, and as a result be much larger than necessary. Now, you can use Magic PDF Compressor to compresses PDF documents in order to further reduce their file size. Compression ratios vary widely, from 0% to 99%. Compact PDF is a new format that can give an additional compression of 30 to 60% on many classes of PDF beyond what is possible in PDF 1.5. For instance, a PDF document shrinks from 12.2MB down to 4.4MB in Compact format. No information is lost in obtaining the additional compression, in contrast to some methods that throw away structural or other information or use lossy image compression. The end user needn't care how the change occurred, that means they can open, read the PDF documents as usual. Magic PDF Compressor uses the latest compression technology, it makes the most compact, web-friendly PDF files anywhere. Using Magic PDF Compressor, you can dramatically reduce storage requirements and data transmission times. All this, while still maintaining your document in a format that is fully compatible with the popular Adobe Reader. Features Batch processing. Supports RunLength and Flate compression level.(None, Fastest, Default, Max) Keep the original Title, Subject, Author, Keywords and Creator information. Backup the original files if you need. Supports PDF ver 1.0 -- 1.5 protocol.(Acrobat 1.X -- Acrobat 6.X) Does NOT need Adobe Acrobat software. Supports all Windows platforms, 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003. Fully independent; not dependent on any third party technology. The rate of processing is very fast




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