KJV Study Bible Gold Editi

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A Beautiful architected interface that drives your desire to learn more with this easy to use stylish KJV Study Bible application. With an easy-to-use navigational system you’ll be able to access any part of the application with just One Click. # Self executable application that needs no install, Easy 3 Steps Extraction Instructions; Download the application you want to use. # Open the .zip file by double-clicking it. You'll enter into a new explorer window folder displaying the contents. # Drag the contents to your Desktop and begin using your Application. Read The Holy Bible # With added search functions that enables a easy way to copy and paste selected text for reference. Selectable pages, books, and chapters with just one click. The Fundamentals & KJV Syllabus # We put together a list of most-know-Scriptures for you to know, learn and understand. Fundamentals # Understanding the Holy Bible is very important when you're just starting out and even when you already know it! It’s always good to re-read information you already know to keep you renewed and fresh. General Knowledge # A set of basic questioned to test your Christian General Knowledge in the form of multiple choices. Prayer # Your prayer life is the most important part of worship, here you can look-up some of the prayers in the Holy Bible. Memorize Scriptures # Memorize Scriptures (Verse Memory) is a great way to harness The Power of Bible Verses from both New and Old Testaments to achieve instant results. Self Study Assessment # Wherever you've been following the syllabus guideline or using KJV Study Bible for other studies. Self Study Assessment allows you to test when you have learnt. Scriptures By Category # 76 every-days-life (daily life) categories scriptures all in one place. If you need to read up on a topic this tool can prove to be most useful.




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