Excel Invoice Manager Expr

Posted by download in Software on 21-11-2010

Application details

Excel Invoice Manager is an electronic invoice software and Billing Software based on Excel templates and add-in. By seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Excel and utilizing backend databases, it provides you with a powerful, easy-to-use and highly-customizable invoicing and billing system, saving your time and money - taking the hard work out of invoicing! Powerful * Create Invoices within true what-you-see-is-what-you-get templates. Click here to see a sample form. * Unlimited number of databases and companies. If you are running multiple businesses and each of them needs a different form, you can use one database combined with one template for one business. For more information, see A Flexible Invoice Program/Application. * Support for multiple currencies. You can use any currency symbol on your invoices - all you need to do is formatting the Excel cells with the tools built in Excel. Also, you can use several templates combined with several databases in just one invoicing system. For example, use one template combined with one database for invoices in US dollars, and use another template combined with another databases for invoices in Euros. * Powerful search ability. Search customers, products, invoices using various fields and operators available. The supported search operators are: Equals, Contains, Starts With, Ends With, Is Less Than, Is Greater Than. For example, you can define your search such as "Customer Name Contains Bill", or "Product Name Start With Billing". For more information, see Using the Search Bar. * Networking. Share data with your colleagues over a network. For more information, please see Networking. * No macros at all. Excel macros are powerful tools but sometimes they are considered to be related to security issues. The program is based on add-ins, so the invoice templates included in the software are not locked and you don't need to reduce the security level of Excel in order to run the software.




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