Flash Card Master

Posted by download in Software on 21-11-2010

Application details

FlashCard Master is a flashcard program. Flashcard Master allows users to design, edit and print flashcards. Flashcards you Create in Flashcard Master look like real flashcard and can be easily printed on to real index cards for Review when you are away from the computer. Flashcard Master goes beyond the simple Key and Value type flashcards and allows you to semantically and visually organize information. With support for a variety of common file formats and XML, you can easily transfer information among Flashcard master and other programs or share with others. Features Easy to print to real flashcards. Wiki text support in text fields. Ability to design the layout of flashcards (WYSIWYG). Multiple review methods (Normal, Shuffled, Manual or Timed) 3-tier Leitner system support. Self testing (Multiple Choice). Unicode support




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