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Medical Email (MD Email) is a secure email hosting system that is HIPAA compliant, with state of the art encryption. Formal compliance with HIPAA rules, policy, and regulations MD Email uses stronger security features than those used by banks, MasterCard & VISA Transparent encryption technology ensures maximum fool proof security Stay VIRUS FREE with included and always updated virus scanner BLOCK SPAM 100% with user configurable challenge and response system, and advanced spam filters Works with any web browser Doctors and Hospitals use MD Email for HIPAA compliance Doctors and Hospitals looking to comply with HIPAA rules are using MD EMail.NET to store and transfer protected health information (PHI). HIPAA policy provides the guidelines for access, storage, and Transmission of PHI. MD (Medical Email) has the most innovative, highest quality, secure medical industry HIPAA email service in the world. Use our service platform for remote Secure HIPAA Email communications with other doctors as well as with other medical industry specialists and companies. Over 395,000 email addresses for doctors in over 65 medical specialties. Over 250,000 medical industry business to business email addresses for decision makers and thought leaders in over 80 medical industry market segments. Latest News Healthcare companies use MD HIPAA Compliance MD offers secure HIPAA email product for the medical market. MD Email is a secure email hosting system that is HIPAA compliant




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