PE Explorer 1.99 R6

Posted by download in Software on 23-11-2010

Application details

PE Explorer is the most feature-packed program for inspecting the inner workings of your own software, and more importantly, third party Windows applications and libraries for which you do not have source code. PE Explorer lets you open, view and edit a variety of different 32-bit Windows executable file types (also called PE files) ranging from the common, such as EXE, DLL and ActiveX Controls, to the less familiar types, such as SCR (Screensavers), CPL (Control Panel Applets), SYS, MSSTYLES, BPL, DPL and more (including executable files that run on MS Windows Mobile platform). With PE Explorer You Can * See what's inside an executable and what it does * Change and customize the GUI elements of your Windows programs * Track down what a program accesses and which DLLs are called * Understand the way a program works, behaves, and interacts with others * Verify the publisher and the integrity of the signed executable files * Say good bye to digging through bloated help files just to hash out an API reference * Open UPX-, Upack- and NsPack-compressed files seamlessly in PE Explorer, without long workarounds * Special support for Delphi applications One Program, Many Tools * PE Header and Section Viewer/Editor * Fast Resource Viewer and Advanced Resource Editor * Exported/Imported API Function List Viewer * Disassembler * Dependency Scanner * Digital Signature Viewer * UPX, Upack and NsPack Static Unpackers




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