Posted by download in Software on 24-11-2010

Application details

A tcp&udp package send/receive/transfer tool with gui for windows 32bit os. sokit can be use to send/recv/trans data package both in ascii /Hex-binary format , it is a Network Tester or debugger. the user interface and shortcut keys are easily to use , and can write all data to log files. main features: server mode, listening on local port for tcp/udp data send/recv to a client. client mode, Connect to a Server Port for tcp/udp data send/recv. transfer mode, listening on local prot and transfer all data to/from a client, and can insert user data to the up/down data stream. support ascii string and hex-binary data to send,and all data will be display in both format, no limit on data length. support log file on each mode. support multi-language user interface, and Keyboard Shortcuts. this a opensource freeware under GPLv3, free for use and distribute, welcome any bug report and suggest.




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