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Application details

Edupioneer is a professional scientific and educational typesetting software that contains word processing and graphics processing. It is Famous for its generalized design and editing mode of WYSIWYG. It is designed for individuals who work in the first-line of science, technology and education, such as teachers, instructors, professors, researchers and etc. Main features of EduPioneer: * Input and process math formula directly Inputting and processing math formula directly is the basic and most important function of EduPioneer. We can get math formula and symbols which meet the mathematics standard easily in WYSIWYG mode. Its structure is tidy and goodlooking. EduPioneer can process all the formulas from primary school to university, compeletely meet the teachers' requirement of composing teaching plans, teaching papers, test papers and etc.. It also supports students recording and saving subject knowledge. In addition to math formula, you can also input complex text structures directly by the keyboard such as chemical Equation, organic structure, Electron transfer and organization chart. * Table fuction You can use table in EduPioneer, and can get table page layout and text wrapping. You can insert formula and table in a table. The nested layer is unlimited. * Powerful drawing function In EduPioneer, graphics processing occupies a very large proportion. You can not only draw simple plane Geometric graphics, but also other hard and complex graphics such as machine parts. EduPioneer provides many ways and means to make drawing easy, uses free graphics composition mechanism at the same time, and gives users sufficient operation Freedom. * Reuse mechanism of dynamic resource Despite you have a high level of drawing, it's nearly impossible to draw a chemical experiment setup within a very short time. In fact, many of these graphics are composed by a number of graphics elements, such as alcohol lamps.




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