Artizen Dramatic

Posted by download in Software on 24-11-2010

Application details

Artizen Dramatic v3.0 is a dynamic Photoshop plug-in filter which gives photographers an enormous amount of control over the detail, color and contrast of a photo in a single filter. Dramatic easily achieves breathtaking shots by utilization state of the art multi scale technology that adds depth where contrast is low and exposes detail in low exposed areas of an image. In addition to this, Dramatic has a full set of color functions that allow users to Create striking black and white or vibrant color results. Getting the results you want has never been easier, zip through our 24 built-in presets or create and share your own with friends and family. Dramatic is one of the few Photoshop Plug-Ins that can work with High Dynamic Range images, resulting in the most detailed breathtaking results. This support is not limited to HDR, which enable Dramatic to work with your past, present and future work flows ensuring you always get the most out of your photos. Features * 24 Built-in Preset with the ability Save, Delete and Load Presets. * 4 Exposure options * 5 Detail options * 5 Color options * 8,16, and 32bit Mode Support * Color Histogram Preview * Before and After option for quick comparisons. * 5 Different Preview Sizes. * SSE2 support * Multi Processor Support * 32 and 64-bit versions

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