Plogue Bidule

Posted by download in Software on 26-11-2010

Application details

The brainchild of Plogue Art et Technologie is a cross-platform application that is gaining recognition world-wide as the new standard in modular music software. Bidule is used by thousands of musicians worldwide Bidulists from the all over the world have gathered on the forums at the Plogue Web site to get their questions about Bidule answered, as well as share their music and Bidule inventions. Bidule?!! What’s in a name? The word “Bidule” is French for “thingy” or “gadget”. Plogue is Québécois French SLang for the verb “to plug”. Put ‘em together and what do you get? Software for plugging gadgets and thingies together. Got the picture? Key Features: * Realtime Audio/MIDI/Spectral processing * Completely modular architecture * Runs as VST/AU plugin or standalone * Runs as ReWire mixer or device * Runs as OSC client and server * VST/AU instruments and effects hosting * Building Blocks for FX/inst creation * More than a 100 ready-to-use modules * Supports multiple tempos at once * Inter-module parameter linking * Zoomable OpenGL-based canvas * Multi-channel audio file streaming * ASIO/CoreAudio low-latency support * Offline mode (rendering) available * Uses 32-bit Precision throughout * Online Catalog of ready-made groups




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