MailStore Server

Posted by download in Software on 26-11-2010

Application details

MailStore Server is the easiEST and most efficient alternative to centrally store your Company e-mail. By using MailStore Server you can permanently guarantee the proper organization, safety and availability of your data. Email Centralization Often times, a company emails are dispersed among numerous computers. Whether you are using Microsoft Outlook PST or Mozilla Thunderbird with MailStore, even these emails can be archived, becoming permanently available while maintaining security. Freeing Up Server Resources After emails are archived they can be deleted from crowded inboxes, even automatically if desired, thus freeing up valuable resources and lowering the overhead of administration. Centralized Storage and Easy Access Often, a single user has several PST files, exchange postboxes and web mail accounts (for example with GMX or T-Online). After archiving, MailStore makes all these emails available in their entirety, thus alleviating the search for and access to important information. Meeting Legal Requirements Depending on the country's law, companies and freelancers have to archive all relevant e-mail over many years. MailStore Server helps you comply with legal requirements. Preventing Data Losses Emails get lost because of defective PST files, careless deletion or system changes. Often, entire mailboxes are deleted when an employee is leaving the company. With MailStore, emails are stored long-term and kept completely secure. Fast and User Friendly Every employee is able to search through their emails with lightning speed, view them directly, and with a mouse click ReOpen them in email applications such as Microsoft Outlook. Further, administrators have the option to give users access to the emails of others.




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