Posted by download in Software on 27-11-2010

Application details

This product is designed to provide an electronic version of a class attendance register. It also provides features for making notes and recording incidents as well as student attendance. Full functionality is obtained from the Windows-based component of this product, but the software is designed to work in conjunction with a Palm handheld (PDA) for optimum performance. Main features PC Windows-based component features: Specify the structure of your school day. Quickly enter your TimeTable Specify term dates with ability to identify days off Automatically generate register pages for the whole year using timetable information Mark an attendance register, including quick Default entry capabilities Easy student attendance edit functionality Quick Keyboard Shortcut keys for traditional school attendance data entry Attach individual notes to any register entry Customise House names or class labels (eg A,B,C,D,... or 1,2,3,... etc.) Set up, or import, class data (including pupil names and key data) Synchronise data to a Palm® device for convenient portable access Assign and keep track of incidents relating to individual students. Customise code letters for quick annotation of school attendance registers View a summary of your registration data. View schoolwide summary or detailed student attendance data. Save school-wide legal registration data in .txt format. Summarise school-wide student attendance data for government returns. The above PC features allow quick production of blank school attendance registers for normal use, but also gives you an electronic system that looks just like a traditional register to allow you to MOVE towards a paper-free system. By linking to a Palm device, you can keep all of your data with you in a portable way.




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