CI Spy

Posted by download in Software on 26-11-2010

Application details

CI Spy uses a TAPI-compatible modem to add a few extra features to the CallerID service from the phone Company. It adds the ability to send a numeric page, and it can send email through any MAPI client to any email address when a call comes in. Both of these features are configurable as to which calls are reported. Unknown, private, and out-of-area data can each be independently configured to trigger a notification or not. Once a call comes in, users can tell CI Spy to recognize it next time and customize the announcement, email and pager notification for that number. CI Spy uses using Microsoft Agent (TM) to annouce incoming calls, name and number. Of course, CI Spy does all the basic functions, too, such as logging calls, displaying a user configurable popup screen, where the user can choose the background and foreground color of the popup window and the font face and style. It can also page alphanumeric pagers and cellular phones.

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