Alertsec Xpress

Posted by download in Software on 26-11-2010

Application details

Alertsec xPress is powered by Check Point Full Disk Encryption - the global leader in data encryption software with millions of users worldwide! Easy, secure, convenient, and reliable Alertsec Xpress automatically protects all information stored on laptops and PCs. There is a serious and increasing risk of information breach on the rapidly growing laptop/PC market. These computers frequently store an enterprise's most current and valuable information. Increasingly, portable computers also store passwords, login scripts, and certificates used to access the enterprise network. An additional, often unrecognized problem is that a PC is the most available and vulnerable starting point for access to an organization's network. Studies of computer crime reveal that insiders pose the largest threat to security. Clearly, providing secure PCs is an essential component of establishing network security. Encryption is the only secure way to protect your information If the unthinkable actually happens and you lose your laptop, Alertsec Xpress encrypts everything stored on the hard disk. The information is protected at all times and cannot be compromised which ensures you complete peace of mind. The Alertsec Xpress managed security service is based on the Check Point Full Disk Encryption software solution. Check Point is the global leader with more than 4 million users worldwide. Easy Forget time-consuming and tedious set-up work. Just download your Alertsec Xpress subscription via the website. You can have your information protected in just a few minutes. Convenient (24/7 HELPDESK) Users who forget their password simply call the Alertsec helpdesk. No matter when or where you are, our helpdesk can always assist legitimate users regain access to their information, using the Alertsec Xpress Authentication Method. This process does not require network access and can be performed from anywhere in the world.

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