Perfect Diet Tracker

Posted by download in Software on 27-11-2010

Application details

The Perfect Diet Tracker is an award winning application for your computer based on firm scientific foundations that helps you lose weight and keep it off! EASY TO USE - We cannot stress how important this is! Create a personal diet plan for each user. Select your own target weight loss or gain. Monitor your calorific intake. Monitor your nutritional profile Track an unlimited number of users. Use the suggested nutritional profile or add your own. Search the extensive food database to add foods. Easily add new foods using the add food wizard. Track your Progress with a weekly 'weigh in'. Track your carbs, protein, fats and more. International food database and data entry. Specify weights in pounds, kilos or stones / lbs. Password Protect your Details. Access to database of over 30,200 foods. Single one off purchase cost, no repeat subscriptions, club memberships or 'extras' needed to make full use of the software. Split your diary into meal groups.




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