Complete Home Library

Posted by download in Software on 27-11-2010

Application details

Develop personal or small business libraries of hard-copy books, DVDs, CDs, Contents of filing cabinets. Provides full range of classification, lending, PATRON interaction and many other features. Develop libraries of information from internet sources. Prepare information using the full featured HTML Editor and access library contents through the Reader.Create and control multiple libraries of both hard-copy materials and electronic files.Enter podcasts, music and other audio files into audio libraries Use the integrated Audio Player and play List Creator to create lists for external audio players .Create photographic and graphics libraries. Use the wide range of graphics viewing and editing features.Create video libraries and view and edit video files.Use the wide range of graphics viewing and editing features.Now with multilibrary searching, full PDF file handling capability. Complete Home Library provides a huge range of features geared toboth hard copy and electronic file libraries of all kinds. It really is the complete home library application for any kind of library you might want to create and maintain.Organize books CDs Videos audio and graphics files, HTML documents, Books, contents of filing cabinets.




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