Screenshot Keylogger

Posted by download in Software on 29-11-2010

Application details

Screenshot KeyLogger is an excellent key logger software, it is a valuable for parents wanting to monitor their kids' PC use, it logs keystrokes, clipboard, screenshot, applications and web sites. Screenshot Keylogger runs hidden in the background and automatically logs all kinds of information.The interface can be password protected and only the person who knows the password can control the software. Screenshot Keylogger can block any web sites effectively and easily by 'Web Site Black List', and it can block any application by 'Application Black List'. If you want to filter some web site you can add them to 'Web Site Black List', it can work with all kinds of Web browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, chorme and others. Screenshot Keylogger Key Features: 1. It logs all kinds of information, includes keystrokes, clipboard, screenshot, application and web sites, all in one. 2. It runs hidden in the background and can not be terminated from task manager, it just can be Exit from control pane of the Screenshot Keylogger. 3. Password-protected, Only the person who knows the password can control the application. 4. Web Site Black List can block any porn web sites or user-defined web sites, and it can work with any web browsers. 5. Application Black List an block any Game Softwares or user-defined applications.




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