AppServ 2.6.0

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AppServ is a fullfeatured of Apache MySQL PHP phpMyAdmin. You can setup in 1 minite.
        Package of AppServ
    All packages download from Official Binary Release. AppServ objective just make easy to setup. We do not provide anything else more than Official Binary Release package. Becuase we think the Official Binary Release work better than compile by individual or thirdparty binary.
AppServ have only special configuration when install Apache configure httpd.conf MySQL configure my.ini PHP configure php.ini. AppServ can guaranty any package from AppServ can work stable like Official of Apache PHP MySQL Release.
    Objective of AppServ Just Easy to install. You can setup web server database server in 1 minute.For some question AppServ can be Real Production Web Server or Database Server. We can tell you Yes 100 can make AppServ to provide Production Server. But Windows OS is not good enough for heavy load on you web or database server.Windows OS architecture use more memory and CPU usage we recommend you to use LinuxUnix OS to service heavy load of work. Because LinuxUnix OS have more speed and use less memory and CPU usage. If you compare hit when use Windows OS and LinuxUnix OS you must be found a very difference speed. e.g. Windows can handle 1000 users per second but LinuxUnix OS can handle more than 1000 users per second and eat a little memory and cpu.

How difference of AppServ version.
    AppServ Version
          2.4.x is a Superb stable version work for all user by the way this version use PHP 4.x because work fine with your old PHP code.
          2.5.x is the Rock function. This version provide newest and experimental of Apache PHP MySQL.

Recommend for AppServ
     We recommend for all AppServ user. You do not upgrade to new version every time when released. You should to select some version for your work if you think this version stable for you. New version is not mean good.

Download Url

Download AppServ 2.6.0

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